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Women Have Message for Others After ‘Scary' Incident in Deep Ellum

Two women were forced to fight off a man in Deep Ellum after they say one of them was grabbed from behind Saturday night. They're telling their story, and have a warning for others.

Kaylee Hembey and Samantha Niven said they've been coming to Deep Ellum for years with no issues, and it took just a few moments for someone to ruin that sense of security.

The two women were wrapping up their Saturday night in in Deep Ellum. They'd walked to their car, parked on Indiana Street, when Hembey felt someone grab her.

"I was wearing a dress. He pulled my dress up. And I took my elbow and elbowed him," Hembey said.

Niven had a split second to act.

"I was looking down and I heard her scream," Niven said.

While Hembey punched and screamed, Niven ran to the passenger side of the car to help her friend.

The man ran off, and they chased him. They said the man ran to a truck that was already running with the door opened.

"His car was already running, and he just jumped in," Niven said.

Both women tried to stop the car, and Niven was injured in the process.

"He had hit me with his car and I fell and sprained my wrist," she said.

The ordeal was brief, but the impact was lasting.

"It's scary to think that he may have thought the she was by herself, and that it could've been worse," Niven said. "I feel like I was taken advantage of in my own home."

Dallas police responded, but not in time to catch the suspect.

"Now I've told all my friends this is where we park and don't park in that area anymore."

Emotions are high after what they consider a close call. They said they'll be more vigilant, but feel that won't be enough.

"The answer isn't, 'Oh you need to walk in groups, you need to carry pepper spray,' the answer is something has to be done," Niven said.

"If he's going to do it to one girl, he's going to do it to other girls," Hembey said.

Dallas police said the incident was under investigation. A description of the suspect has not been provided.

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