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Travelers to Europe Remain Prepared During Severe Security Threat Level

Recent terror attacks across Europe have led to a sense of instability in some of the most popular tourist destinations, leaving many Americans wondering how they need to prepare when traveling abroad over the summer.

Suzanne Kucera said she is a little anxious, but not fearful as she prepares for a four-week trip to Europe.

“I travel every year to see my family in Belgium, and I’m not going to let fear stop me," she said. "You just have to be aware of your surroundings.”

Travel and security experts say to counter fear, Americans should be prepared.

Important Numbers, Documents

“I make sure I have all of the important numbers with me," Kucera said. "I program them in my phone, and I write them down in case I lose phone service. I also have my itinerary printed.”

American travelers should head to the United States Passport and International Travel website and print out contact information and numbers of the U.S. Embassy for the countries they will be visiting.

Travelers can also check the terroristic threat level for each country. Currently the United Kingdom is under a severe terrorism threat, meaning an attack is highly likely.

Travelers should also register with STEP, which is a free program that allows the U.S. Embassy and your family to contact you in case there is an emergency.

Experts say you should copy any important documents, such as visas, passport, travel itinerary and prescriptions in case you lose them and guard them like they are the originals. Never put them in your suitcase, always have them on you or in your personal carry on at close reach.

Never make a copy of your debit or credit card. However, you can write down the credit card number in a safe place in case of an emergency.

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