Trailer Full of Equipment Stolen From Peewee Football Team

The trailer went missing Tuesday night

With football season just around the corner, a Mesquite peewee football program is asking everyone to keep their eyes peeled for a stolen trailer filled with thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The trailer went missing Tuesday night from the program's vice president’s driveway near U.S. Highway 80 and Collins Road.

The president of the Vikings, Max Reviere, said he knew something was wrong when he got a call around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday.

"We're in panic mode almost, because we're wondering who would stoop that low to steal from the kids," Reviere said.

He said the trailer was packed with the sound system the drill team relies on for its halftime show, extra helmets and pads and the tunnel the team runs through before each game. 

They're all critical parts of pumping up the team Reviere has helped to double in size in just two years. 

"We try to give them a positive image, something positive to look forward to," Reviere said.

Now intstead of just trying to fill the field, the Vikings aim to win. 

“We’ve been working so hard that when it’s time at the end of practice we’re all breathing really hard," said Nicholas Boggess-Fry about their four day a week practices.

While Boggess-Fry says the tunnel run before games is key to pumping up the team, he's still determined to be named city champs. 

“I mean it’s going to be hard, but we’re still going to win," said Boggess-Fry.

For now, a rival program has stepped forward to offer up a backup sound system the team can use until it raises the money necessary to replace theirs. 

Reviere said they're also hopeful their trailer will be located and returned. Anyone with information is asked to call Mesquite police. 

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