Toys to Purchase Before Black Friday

Some of the hottest toys of the season may be long gone before Black Friday.

While a lot of parents wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get the gifts, Toy Expert, Laurie Schact, of the Toy Insider, says waiting to buy certain toys means, they may not be in stores anymore.

"Our first little guy, my friend Pikachu, Pokemon is on fire so this is a great little plush and he is just adorable," said Schact. "He is already hitting shelves, and as he hits them, he's disappearing, he's already impossible to find."

Then there's Torch my Blazin' Dragon Pet. It responds to touch, breathes flame colored mist, and speaks for itself.

"He's got the smoke, and with that smoke we can toast a marshmallow," said Schact.

If your kid's asking for a dog this Christmas:

"The dreamiest puppy ever, this is snuggles," Schact said.

This cute, calm, cuddly companion may be the next best thing. No early morning walks or grooming necessary.

"This is truly the answer if you want a puppy for your child. Much cleaner," She said.

We can't forget about our teens. They may have outgrown the toys, but a fun game with friends could make for the perfect gift.

"Are you ready for one of this years funniest games?" Schact asks.

Players in "Speak Out" put a mouthpiece in their mouths, read a card and try to get their partner to guess the phrase. So Sam tried it — not an easy game!

"That's a good one for adults too! a few glasses of wine, that would be a good game!" Samantha says.

Some the hottest games and toys you won't want to wait for.

"Cannot wait for! Get them as soon as you see them!"

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