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TMSG: Framed Picture of Ellen Brings Joy to Aledo Man

Ellen DeGeneres is a fan favorite.

Every afternoon during her show on NBC5, she makes us laugh, gives away prizes to help others and celebrates the good in people.

And every afternoon, Bryce Unger is at his home in Aledo taking it all in.

"She brings him so much joy," said Unger's friend, Melissa Cruson.

When Unger went in the hospital recently for health issues, Cruson and friends knew just what to do to celebrate his homecoming.

They got him a framed picture of Ellen.

No autograph. No big "Welcome home, Bryce" message from Ellen. Just a picture of her in a simple frame.

Yet Unger's reaction to that gift was if Ellen was there in person with a big hug.

Cruson and her friends sent NBC5 video of that moment to show the joy of Unger "hoping it would make everyone smile."

She now has another goal.

"I sent the video to ellentube, hoping her staff would see a glimpse of her BIGGEST FAN," she wrote in an email to NBC5. "The picture was not signed and Bryce has never met her in person, but meeting her is his absolute dream."

Cruson tell us her friend Unger has four favorites in life: Blake Shelton, American Idol, ice cream sandwiches and number one is Ellen.

When they saw his joy at a picture of Ellen, his friends just had to share it.

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