Tiger Seen Wandering City of Conroe Captured: Police

Police say a tiger that was seen roaming around the city of Conroe in Montgomery County has been captured.

The Conroe Police Department says it received several phone calls starting at 11:50 a.m. Thursday from residents who saw the young, female tiger wandering around the Coral Cove Pass area in Conroe, 40 miles north of Houston.

Jonathan Gessner and his girlfriend, Erin Poole, came face to face with the tiger while walking through their neighborhood.

They were frightened at first, but things quickly changed.

"She runs up to me, jumped on me and put her paws on my shoulders and just starts licking my face like a dog. I thought it was pretty cool," Gessner said.

Animal control officers responded and captured the tiger, which was wearing a collar with a leash attached.

Sgt. Dorcy McGinnis said that the tiger seems to be tame.

On Friday, authorities told KPRC-TV that two possible owners have been located but there's a dispute over the tiger's ownership.

The tiger will be relocated until there is a safe resolution to find a permanent home.

There will be a hearing next week to determine what's next for the tiger.

Conroe is 40 miles north of Houston.

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