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Thousands Assigned New ZIP Codes in Collin County

The change will take place beginning July 1

On July 1, some people living in McKinney and Frisco will get an unexpected change of address.

Earlier this week, the United States Postal Service started to notify homeowners and businesses that they have been assigned a new ZIP code.

USPS said the change is needed because too many addresses in the current ZIP code have made it difficult to sort and deliver mail in one of the fastest growing counties in North Texas.

More than 18,000 homes and nearly 160 businesses in McKinney’s current 75070 ZIP code will change to a new ZIP code - 75072.

“We’re going to have to change a lot of stuff that I wasn’t really prepared for and we have a month to do it,” said Taylor Elbe, the business manager at Adriatica Audiology and Hearing Center.

Within minutes of finding out about the change Wednesday, Elbe formed her to-do list.

“We’ll have to change business cards, battery caddies, pens, just basically anything that has our address on it,” said Elbe.

While she admitted the new supplies will add up, she’s more concerned how the change might affect the office’s relationship with its patients.

“Having to replace a patient because it took a month to get their hearing aids because it’s sent to [a wrong] place and having it send back, those are things you can't replace,” Elbe said.

However, Elbe said she did what she could to push fear aside and look at it instead as an inconvenience.

“It is what it is though. There’s nothing we can do to change it now," Elbe said.

Her office sits right in the heart of the affected area, which is bordered to the north by Virginia Parkway and to the south by Eldorado Parkway, though businesses along both roads will retain the old ZIP code. Coit Road and U.S. Highway 75 are the borders to the west and east.

In Frisco, 9,600 homes and nearly 400 businesses south of Cottonwood Branch and Main Street, west of Teel Parkway, east of Lewisville Lake and north of Boyd Road, Lebanon Road and Lewisville Lake will change from the ZIP code 75034 to 75036.

According to USPS, those in the affected area should begin to use the new ZIP code on all outgoing mail and notify anyone they regularly correspond with as soon as possible.

Costumers may continue to use existing stationary and mailing supplies but should use the new ZIP code when it is time to reorder.

Local post offices will have notification cards available to send out corrected addresses.

To help with the transition, USPS will also ensure delivery of mail with the old ZIP code for up to one year.

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