Collin County

Thieves Target Scuba Stores in Frisco, Plano

Police have not said whether they believed the incidents were related

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of scuba gear was stolen from two small businesses in Collin County.

The burglaries happened at Scuba Frisco and Adventure Scuba in Plano.

In the Scuba Frisco break-in, two men were seen on surveillance video rushing into the store with white trash bags. They begin to grab gear off the shelves, and aren't bothered by the alarm when it goes off.

Store owner Thorsten Prutz said he was alerted to the break-in by his security company and watched it happen live on his tablet at home.

"You are in shock," Prutz said. "There's nothing that can kind of describe it. You just see what's taking place and you see dollars disappearing from your place of business."

Prutz said more than $15,000 worth of equipment was stolen, including air regulators and buoyancy control devices. He said the thieves stole what they likely thought were dive computers, but were actually fakes used for display.

Frisco police are looking for two suspects along with a person of interest who Prutz said was in the store days earlier.

Adventure Scuba in Plano was also broken into just before 11 p.m. on Jan. 31 -- shortly before the Frisco burglary.

The owner reported more than $17,000 worth of similar equipment stolen.

He said he's turned over surveillance video to police and believed the same people were responsible.

Police have not said whether the cases are related.

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