Thieves Target Denton Co. RV Lot

Dozens of flat-screen TVs stolen in multiple break-ins

The run on flat-screen TVs didn't end with the holidays, as one Denton County recreational vehicle lot is discovering.

Dozens of trailers at Fun Time RV along Interstate 35 in Denton have been burglarized during three incidents since January.

Burglars have stolen the flat-screen televisions, DVD players and stereo systems that are standard in today's mobile homes. Police said between 50 and 60 flat-screen TVs have been ripped right off their mounts.

The break-ins come at time when dealers say RV sales are on the rise. Travelers are looking for more affordable ways to vacation, and the once-big ticket sale of a trailer is now viewed more as an investment.

"We've got 50 lakes within 50 to 100 miles," said Douglas Kacsir, Fun Time RV's general manager. "People have decided to recreate locally rather than taking off."

Some of the vehicles at the Fun Time RV's lot are privately owned and are there for maintenance. But others are brand-new, and Kacsir said the burglaries are turning off potential buyers.

"That's the frustrating thing -- getting past the consumer overlooking the fact that we got broken into," he said.

He said it's more difficult to sell vehicles that have been broken into. Even though the RVs are fixed up, buyers still have a sense of being violated.

Fun Time now has around-the-clock armed security, video surveillance and motion sensors.

Denton police also said they also will be increasing patrols on the property, especially at night.

Investigators encourage anyone with information about the burglaries to contact police immediately.

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