Thieves Steal Wheels, But Leave Cars

Denton police investigate rash of wheel thefts in front of homes

Denton police said wheel thieves have struck more than a dozen times in recent months.

When Sam Fleming walked out the front door of his Denton home a few weeks ago, he found his Tahoe parked in the driveway, right where he had parked it. But thieves had ripped off all four wheels.

"I was thinking, 'This is sure going to change my plans for the day,'" Fleming said.

While he was inside sleeping, someone used a jack to prop his SUV up on concrete blocks and make off with the tires and rims.

"They were a very quiet pit crew," he said. "I'm a very light sleeper. I didn't hear a thing."

Denton police are investigating a dozen similar crimes since November.

"They're hitting apartment complexes; they're hitting neighborhoods," said Denton police officer Ryan Grelle.

Detectives said they have few clues.

"They're pretty daring to come up to a house within five feet of a front door and take all four tires off," Grelle said.

Fleming has installed new security lights and now parks his Tahoe in the garage.

"It's very unsettling, and it's quite despicable that people have to steal other people's property," he said.

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