Thief Returns Stolen Purse After Social Media Outcry

Purse is returned along with a note from thief in Waxahachie

The co-owner of the Indoor Soccer Spot in Waxahachie took action Friday morning after a thief stole a purse from one soccer mom’s car outside the arena.

“I just blasted them on Facebook,” said Josh Romen. “Put a video of it on Facebook.”

Romen posed surveillance video of the possible thief on Facebook and in less than 24 hours he got a phone call.

“He said, ‘I took the purse. I took the purse. Can I return it? Can I bring it back?” said Romen, about the phone call.

The purse was dropped off next door to the soccer facility only feet away from where it was stolen.

Rebekah Perez said her purse had been stolen Thursday night after she mistakenly left her car doors unlocked. Not only was her purse returned with most of her belongings and money, but the thief also wrote a note saying, "There's an extra 20 [dollars] in there for the money spent on the credit card."

“It’s kind of funny now,” said Perez. “We talk about the note and stuff. It’s insane.”

“Thanks to the outcry of everybody sharing and posting and everybody helping us find these guys,” said Romen.

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