Uvalde School Shooting

Families of Uvalde, Buffalo Victims to Testify Before Congress

The House Committee on Oversight on Reform will be hearing on the topic of gun violence and possible reforms

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Two weeks ago in Uvalde, Alfred Garza lost his daughter Amerie Jo in the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School that left 18 other children and two adults dead. Tomorrow in Washington D.C., he will testify before Congress.

“That is a way for us parents, not all of us are going to be there obviously, but a way to get that message out to say 'Hey, we need to make change,'” Garza said.

Lawmakers on the House Committee on Oversight on Reform will also hear from the parents of Lexi Rubio, one of the 19 children killed inside Robb Elementary School. They will also hear 11-year-old survivor Miah Cerrillo, who played dead after the gunman entered her classroom. 

“To sit there and look at folks that lose children, but to lose children to violence, there isn't anything worse,” said Congressman Pat Fallon, R-Rockwall.

Fallon sits on the committee where gun violence will be a topic in the hearing as both the house and the senate debate gun legislation.

Fallon said there are enough laws on the books, and the focus should now be on mental health and enhanced school security.

“One is single entry for all schools, particularly elementary schools, but have them just buzz into the office and then you have to then buzz into the school, more financing for SRO's school resource officers, police officers in the schools,” said Congressman Fallon.

Many democrats on capitol hill, will be tuning into the hearing tomorrow.

“It is clear something must be done, “ said Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas.

Congresswoman Johnson is a member of the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

She is hopeful there will be a change in gun laws, including raising the age to purchase one from 18-21, red flag laws, and expanding background checks.

“We must take the leadership, we must take the responsibility to protect our children, to protect the public, and I hope that we can see this move in the house and senate, “ said Congresswoman Johnson.

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