EF-3 tornado tore through Texas town of Matador

Four people were killed and 15 injured.


The National Weather Service says Wednesday's tornado that tore through the small west Texas town of Matador was an EF-3.

NWS survey teams say the preliminary report shows the tornado was on the ground for 18 minutes along a path that was 9.4 miles long and 600 yards wide.

After looking at the damage, the NWS estimates the peak winds clocked 165 mph.

Matador is a town of about 570 people about 70 miles northeast of Lubbock in Motley County.

Four people were killed and 15 injured.

The people reported to have lost their lives were identified as:

  • Jo Etta Bumgardner, 85 years of age, female of Matador, Texas
  • Randell (Randy) Rolin, 59 years of age, male, Purcell, Oklahoma
  • Victor Valenzuela Jr., 43 years of age, male of Austin, Texas
  • Troy Hernandez, 23 years of age, male of San Angelo, Texas

The damage of property reported was 29 structures destroyed, 11 with significant damage, and 23 with damage, with 61 properties affected by the storm. 

Wednesday’s tornado outbreak came six days after a tornado left three people dead and more than 100 injured in Perryton in the northern Texas Panhandle.

Gov. Greg Abbott added Motley County and five other counties in the region to a disaster declaration on Thursday. The declaration was first issued June 16 and amended three times in response to severe weather. His statement said the declaration will help state authorities respond swiftly to devastated communities.

On Friday, officials said power has been restored to 80% of the town.

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