Alligator Briefly Closes East Texas Taco Stand Drive-Through

Texas Game Warden moves alligator to an area where it's less likely to be in contact with people

Henderson Police/NBC 5 News

An alligator briefly shut down an East Texas taco stand last week when it came out of the water and got in line in the drive-through.

According to Henderson Police, the 8-foot long gator crawled out of nearby Willow Creek Lake and "stopped at Jucys Taco" on Wednesday, May 19.

The restaurant shut down the drive-through until the gator could be safely moved, posting on Facebook: "The drive-thru at Jucys Taco in Henderson is temporarily closed, as a customer decided to take a nap in the line. It turns out gators like Jucys Taco, too!"

Henderson Police Department Support Services Captain Brian Bathke said in an interview posted on Facebook that the gator was surrounded and corralled just like you'd see on TV.

"Several of us held on to it … from the top … and do all the little tricks you see, we actually used electrical tape to safely tape his mouth shut just like you would see on TV," Bathke said. "I'll tell ya, if there was ever a true crime story it was the alligator catch."

Bathke said the gator was then taken by the state and relocated to an undisclosed location where he's less likely to come into contact with people.

In a post on Facebook, the police department said the gator is now "living his best life."

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