Texas Connects Us: Texas Musician's Ties to Golden Globes

The creative force behind music doesn’t always get recognized.

“People like myself, we’re down in the trenches, you know, so occasionally we get a little recognition or a good gig or get a good job,” said Jordan Richardson.

He is that creative force in countless musical form.

“I tour in bands, I play drums in bands, play guitar in bands,” Richardson said.

The TCU graduate grew up in Crowley. He spent 10 years in the movie-making mecca Los Angeles.

However, it was in North Texas that he recorded two song demos for the movie "Manchester by the Sea."

“Pulled a drum kit out in the barn, started with the drums and then moved into the control room and just built it from there,” Richardson said while giving a tour of his studio.

The songs were then learned by the film’s actors and now the movie has five Golden Globe nominations.

“It’s so rare that that any project that you work on receives any kind of accolade let alone, you know, Oscar talk, Golden Globes stuff like that. It’s a pretty great feeling to be able to at least have some tiny little footprint on that,” Richardson said.

For him, the consistent satisfaction comes from creating a new project, which hasn’t left him enough time to see his last project.

“I still haven’t seen the movie [Manchester by the Sea],” Richardson said laughing.

He said he plans to watch it with his parents so they can all see his name in the credits together.

You can watch the 74th Annual Golden Globes on Sunday, Jan. 8 on NBC 5.

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