Prosper Man Has a Texas-Sized Beer Can Collection

Edward Hicks started collecting cans when he was 9 years old

Once you reach the second floor of Edward Hicks home in Prosper, you can't miss it.

A wall of twelve ounce cans, lined up in perfectly spaced rows, and on display in custom wooden shelves.

"In World War II, they came out with what's called camo cans," said Hicks, while proudly showing off his collection of beer cans. "There's stories behind so many of them."

Some people collect rare coins, or cars, but Hicks prefers aluminum cans.

"I specialize in Texas. I love Texas stuff," Hicks added. "As a kid going down dirt roads that's typically what I found."

Hicks, a 54-year old semi retired financial planner, owns cans from all over Texas and the world.

His hobby started in 1972, when his Dad brought home a can from Colorado.

"He found that and said, 'what in the world is a Hoffman House?' As a nine-year-old kid in Lufkin, Texas, I was like, that's really cool," Hicks recalled.

Before long he couldn't get enough.

"I've been collecting ever since," he said. "Then I found out later on, I wasn't the only nerd doing that."

He owns cans that date back to the 1930s.

"The reason these are so rare is because of what happened in the '30s, '40s, '50s and even up until the '60s. What did you do? You were driving and threw it out or went picnicking and you threw them on the ground, you didn't even think to collect them."

He won't talk about the value or money he's spent. For Hicks it's more sentimental.

"I have memories as a kid, finding that can down a dirt road with my father," he said. "I remember finding that can with my Daddy."

Yes, there's still room to grow, if his wife okays it.

"She made the rule when we got married, she said as long as you can contain them, put them in one area – I'm fine with it."

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