Texas Connects Us: Is Snuffer's Really Haunted

Do you believe in ghosts?

Some people swear they've seen things they can't explain. Others just laugh at the notion of paranormal activity.

"I'm not crazy, I hope," said Bradley Anderson, with a chuckle.

Anderson is the district manager at Snuffer's Restaurant & Bar on Lower Greenville in Dallas.

A place he believes is haunted.

"I've felt things. I've been touched. I've heard a lot of things, "Anderson said.

"Glasses levitate, things fly off the shelves, when the shelves are level," he said. "There's no explanation for it. Some people have seen what they thought were shadows walking through the building."

Looking for an explanation, we reached out to Nate Riddle, author of the book "Lone Star Spooks."

"There's always the chance that it's an over imagination," Riddle said. "But I think when you really look into haunted places and you start sifting through stories, there are a lot of really credible, sober people out there and they're
not interested in ghosts, yet they've had these experiences that they can't explain."

In the late 1970s snuffers replaced an old biker bar, where a man was once murdered.

Some now believe his spirit still lingers in the restaurant.

"As recently as two weeks ago, the manager left and at the end of the night," Anderson said. "We pull our coke nozzles off the machines to soak every night. She was the one who pulled them off at the end of the night and was the first one back the next morning and they were gone and we still haven't found them."

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