Texas Company Offers Mobile Gas Refueling

Tired of standing in the 100-plus degree heat filling up your gas tank? One Texas-based company says it can help.

Booster Fuels delivers gas to anyone by truck instead of pumping it at a gas station.

"It's a hot day out. You don't wanna get out of your car. I've got two kids now. They're screaming in the back," said Booster Fuels CEO Frank Mycroft.

Here's how it works.

Download the company's app on your phone, check out the current price, indicate on a map where you're parked, and pay with a credit card on your phone. Then, the truck comes to you.

Booster trucks offer other services in addition to a gas fill-up.

"We'll do the gas, tire inflation, windshield wipers, things you just don't wanna do during that busy time after work," Mycroft said.

The date we tested Booster, their gas cost $2.09 per gallon.

We used the website gasbuddy.com to check the prices at gas stations in our area, and most in our area where around $2.05 — just a few pennies less than Booster.

Booster isn't available in most neighborhoods, as the company is new and getting started, and it's not cost effective to travel to one area for one customer.

They have partnered with local businesses to offer service while you work. That way, they're fueling up multiple cars at each stop.

"We'll talk to your employer and make this a free benefit to offer your people," Mycroft said. "Think of it as a perk, similar to offering free food or a gym. The employer says yes. It doesn't cost them anything and we come on campus and you get gas."

The app can be downloaded via any smart mobile device.

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