Texas-Based Tommie Copper Says Its Customers’ Credit Card Numbers Were Stolen

It's unclear how many people were impacted, but customers are warned to check their credit

Data breaches are happening all the time, and some cases are more significant than others.

Texas-based Tommie Copper, which produces compression and active wear, reports hackers installed malware on the company's website, which allowed them to steal customer information.

In this incident, card numbers, addresses, expiration dates and security codes were taken, as well as addresses.

Las Colinas resident Ted Henderson is one of the people affected.

He has a disability after being shot while working in law enforcement and still wears a back brace daily for pain.

He bought one of Tommie Copper's braces to help him while he waited for a new one to come from his doctor, and when he made that purchase, his information was compromised. He says he's frustrated with having to go through the steps to check his credit repeatedly every time a store has a data breach.

"They wanted me to repair my own credit when they were the ones who failed to maintain proper security to protect consumers from getting their credit card breached," Henderson said.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to Tommie Copper for a comment Thursday and hasn't received a response, but the company is telling customers to monitor their credit reports closely and reach out to the credit bureaus for assistance.

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