Texas Baptist Men Continue Legacy of Helping Others

For the past 12 months volunteers with Texas Baptist Men have helped with disaster relief efforts every day, except for the month of December.

"We go all over the country, and really all over the world," said Terry Henderson, who has been volunteering with the Disaster Relief Ministry since the early 90's.

"I was a retired fire fighter in Miami, and I started volunteering there. It just stuck. I came down here to Texas, and been here ever since," he said.

Texas Baptist Men has about 10,000 volunteers, both men and women. Nationally, they are the third largest voluntary disaster relief organization after the American Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Currently, there are about 100 volunteers serving in the Texas panhandle after a recent severe ice storm. Volunteers are also helping to rebuild homes in Houston after high water consumed several neighbors.

"We have people helping in other cities, but we also have leaders here in Dallas and Denton from around the country," said Henderson. "We are training and preparing. We always have to be ready."

This week marks the 50th anniversary for Texas Baptist Men. Leaders from each state have flown into Texas for training sessions.

"We never know when we're going to get that call," said Henderson.

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