Texas 2-Legged Puppy is On the Move

A two-legged Texas puppy is defying the odds and proving a handicap does not mean a limitation on loving life.

Meet 'Scooter'. He was the only one in a litter of pups born without his front legs.

Owner Tina Gans adopted Scooter when he was two months old. The pup is about to celebrate his 10-month birthday.

Gans said she often takes in dogs in hopes of finding them better homes. But there was something about Scooter that was different from all of the other dogs that have crossed her path.

It originally was a challenge for Scooter until Gans got in touch with the owner of another two-legged dog, who also lives in Texas. That owner designs prosthetic devices using a 3D printer.

The owner donated one to Gans and Scooter.

Gans said Scooter used to get scared and hesitant with the influx of people who wanted to come up and pet the adorable pup.

However, slowly but surely, Scooter has grown more accustomed to interacting with people.

"He doesn't know he's missing anything, so he's an inspiration," said Tina Gans, Scooter's owner. "I just want everybody to understand that, you know, they can have a great life."

Gans said she hopes to eventually make Scooter a therapy dog, and is actively seeking information on how to do so.

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