Tens of Thousands of Bees Removed From North Texas School

The Highlands School in Irving had tens of thousands of unwanted guests this summer as a hive of bees took up residence near the school's chapel.

"I've heard they've been there about five or six years," school employee Janet Thrash explained. "They started migrating to some of the offices."

On Wednesday, American Honey Bee Protection Agency came to the rescue of both the school and the bees.

"It was actually kind of shocking because I didn't know it (the hive) was that big," Thrash said.

Bee wrangler Richard Siegrist loaded up the bees and took them to a new home in a wooded area near North Lake College with other relocated hives.

"Now we set them on a nice piece of property like this where they have a lot of Texas wildflowers, and now they just do what they do in peace," he said.

Away from the students they will now continue to pollinate local flowers and hopefully the hive will grow.

"Right now Colony Collapse Disorder is causing the honey bees to be [endangered]," Siegrist said.

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