Technology Helping Local Schools Fight Illness

Your child gets sick at school and you get the call to pick them up. It's time to head to the doctor. But times are different.

A technology new to North Texas called TeleHealth is changing things.

Children’s Health is able to link a physician right to the nurse’s office through video conferencing. It’s a program new to North Texas and 28 schools are taking part. Children’s Health is hoping to double that number for the next school year.

“So instead of trying to place physicians and experts in different locations throughout the Metroplex in North Texas, we are able to do it through technology,” said Julie Hall-Barrow with Children’s Health.

“It’s convenient and it’s amazing,” said Cherese Walker, a mother of a preschooler. “I don't have to miss a day of work.”

Walker’s four-year-old son, Justice, is in preschool at Dallas Can Academy and has used TeleHealth twice.

The convenience even allows doctors to prescribe medication from remote locations.

For families, they don't have to pay a dime for their digital doctor’s visit.

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