Teacher Turned Author Realizes Lifelong Dream

An Irving woman fulfills her dream by publishing a book series

Pia Pulido wanted to become an author since she was in the third grade. Today, she is a third grade teacher with one children's book published and a second one on the way.

Pia's students at the Holy Family of Nazareth School learn from her first book, called The Blue Dragonfly. Francis Onyedionu, one of Pulido's students, said the book has taught him that "you shouldn't do the things that you know you shouldn't do," he said.

The Blue Dragonfly was published in 2009 and is the first of a six-book series. The second book of the series, Terrible Trevor, will be released towards the end of May.

Pia's stories are geared towards helping students with any learning disability.

"I am a hard of hearing teacher, myself. And I have a student here who is also hard of hearing. And I feel that I could be a role model for those students who struggle in the classroom," Pia said.

The books also come with extras, including original music created by Michael Pulido, her husband.

"To make her dreams come true, those are words she's told me, without expecting to is just complete 100 percent success and satisfaction," Michael said.

Pia said publishing her books wouldn't have happened without the support from her husband and her students.

"They remind me that you're never too old to keep dreaming," she said.

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