TCU students running and raising money in memory of classmate Wes Smith

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Running for a cause is what they are doing this weekend around TCU. For the next 48 hours, students will be running. 

TCU juniors, Michael Turell and Nate Moore organized the fundraiser in honor of their friend Wes Smith.

Colt MacGregor
Fundraiser run organizers Nate More and Michael Turell

"He's very outgoing,” runner Michael Turell said. “Very charismatic. He was the nicest guy out there."

Smith was a 21-year-old junior studying finance at TCU.  Police said Smith was shot and killed outside a Fort Worth bar after being approached randomly by a stranger who was later arrested.

Along with their four-mile run every four hours, they are selling wristbands.

Colt MacGregor

Turell and Moore say the money raised will go towards the Wes Smith Endowment.

But they're also doing this to honor Smith's life.

"Things that he poured his time into, they make a lot of people's lives a lot better,” runner Nate Moore said. “So, if we can keep his memory going and keep the things he was passionate about going, we think it would be a great thing to do for the community."

"Not only give back just really let his memory live,” Turell said. “There's one thing Wes' mom said was 'keep the faith' and that really resonated with me and we kind of want to push that memento on the surrounding community as well."

Turell added that the mantra will also keep him and others motivated to continue this run until Sunday.

"I think it's going to be pretty difficult I'm not going to lie,” Turell said. “But like Mrs. Smith said 'keep the faith.' I'm just going to keep on running.”

Colt MacGregor

Running and pushing for the memory of their friend.

"I want people to know how many people's lives Wes touched,” Moore said. “How many people he impacted and really how he changed such a big community at TCU."

Turell and Moore did not have a momentary goal set for the fundraiser. But they have already raised $5,000 so far.

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