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Tarrant County Sheriff's Office Employee Dies of COVID-19

Matthew Pagan is the second employee of the sheriff's office to die of COVID-19 this week

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NBC 5 News

A second Tarrant County Sheriff's Office employee has died of COVID-19 in the last three days, officials say.

Matthew Pagan, who was the sheriff's office booking tech, died overnight Saturday.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff's office asked residents to keep Pagan's family in their thoughts and prayers.

"Matthew was one of the first faces we saw when coming in the back door. He selflessly showed up and worked hard for Tarrant County. He served well and is greatly missed already," the sheriff's office wrote in the post. "His wife, three children and a host of family, friends and co-workers are mourning his loss today."

Pagan's death comes just a day after the sheriff's office lost Deputy William H. "Howard" Gudgell to COVID-19.

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