Suspect in Crash That Killed Dallas Officer Bonds Out of Jail

An intoxication manslaughter charge involving the death of an officer carries the possibility of up to 99 years or life in prison

What to Know

  • Adrian Breedlove is charged with intoxication manslaughter and unlawful carrying of a weapon
  • He is charged in connection to the crash that killed Dallas Police Senior Corporal Earl 'Jamie' Givens
  • Breedlove was booked into jail around midday Saturday and bonded out at 2 a.m. Sunday

The man arrested for intoxication manslaughter in connection with the death of a Dallas police motorcycle officer has bonded out of jail.

Officials with the Dallas County Sheriff's Office confirm Adrian Breedlove, 25, bonded out of the jail at about 2 a.m. Sunday.

Breedlove was charged with intoxication manslaughter causing the death of a peace officer, police say. Investigators allege Breedlove was speeding and intoxicated when he crashed into Senior Corporal Earl 'Jamie' Givens

Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall said Givens was blocking an entrance ramp of Interstate 20 at Bonnie View Road as a part of an escort of the body of a former Dallas police officer who died after battling cancer. Police said Givens had his emergency lights on when Breedlove's SUV hit him. Givens was pronounced dead at Baylor Medical Center.

Givens' death is the sixth in the line of duty for the Dallas Police Department in two years. Four Dallas officers were killed in the downtown ambush in 2016. 
A fifth killed the same night worked for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department. Three months ago, Officer Rogelio Santander was killed while attempting to arrest a suspect at a Northeast Dallas Home Depot.

"Each time I think it kind of removes that scab and brings those emotions back fresh to us again," said Courtney Helms with the Dallas Police Association Spouses organization. "Each time we hope OK, can we please have some time here without having to go through this again?"

Helms is married to a Dallas officer, assigned to the central patrol division with Givens.

"These are people with their own stories, with their own families," Helms said. "Every single one of these officers means a tremendous amount to so many people. It's very frustrating that someone like that can go and kill and officer and then be back on the streets."

"There is no need this day and age to be behind the wheel if you've had anything to drink," she said.

In addition to the intoxication manslaughter charge, Breedlove was charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon. Bond for both charges was set at a total of $76,000.

DPA President Mike Mata issued a statement Monday morning questioning what he called an "extremely low bail."

“It is reprehensible that Adrian Breedlove, the man arrested and charged with the intoxication manslaughter of a Dallas police officer, was given a $76,000 bail allowing him to spend less than one day in jail. This was a violent death caused by a man whose blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit at 6AM. The officer he is charged with killing was a 55-year old father of two who was only months away from retirement."

"We demand to know if District Attorney Faith Johnson asked a district court judge to require a more substantial bond for such a heinous crime. If she made no such effort then perhaps it’s time to find a District Attorney who takes more seriously the killing of police officers.”

Pete Schulte, an officer and lawyer, told NBC 5 Breedlove's bond amount is not unusual, adding that Breedlove faced a tougher penalty if convicted. An intoxication manslaughter charge involving the death of an officer or first responder in the line of duty carries the possibility of up to 99 years or life in prison.

"It's going to be pretty tough for this defendant if he's convicted to not go to prison for a long time because we want to protect our police officers. That's why the law was changed 10 years ago to make sure it was a stiffer penalty," Schulte explained.

No one answered the door at Breedlove's home on Sunday afternoon and it's not clear if Breedlove has an attorney yet.

A vigil for Givens is planned for Monday evening at the central patrol division at 334 South Hall Street. The vigil begins at 7:30 p.m.

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