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Supporting Moms of Babies in Intensive Care

This Sunday, we celebrate the women in our lives who've taken on the role as "Mom."

However, Mother's Day might be more challenging for new moms whose babies are still in the hospital because of complications.

That's why a program at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas is giving these moms some extra support from those who know exactly what they're going through.

The bond between NICU mothers is a bit tighter than most.

Each of their babies has a story of survival.

Jewelisha Patterson's daughter Jalaiyah weighed just 13 ounces when she born.

She's been in the NICU ever since.

"It's a lot, emotionally, physically. You know, you get tired often," says Patterson.

Anna Aguilar and her son Cannon are few beds over.

They've been in the NICU four months.

"You just feel alone. You can talk to friends and family and they can empathize, but they don't actually know," says Aguilar.

To help these mothers feel like they're not alone, the hospital created a new program called Hands To Hold, with the goal of offering support to NICU families from families who have been in their shoes.

No one knows what a NICU stay is like better than Lacey Breeden.

We were there last year, when Breeden was able to take her daughter home for the hospital for the first time, ending their six month hospital stay.

At 11 ounces, her daughter was the smallest preemie born at Baylor University Medical Center.

"It's such a nice time to know that you're giving them hope at a time that is challenging, emotionally and financially, so if you can be there for them, it's all worth it," says Breeden.

She's the program's first ambassador, hosting a Mother's Day party, the program's first event.

"When you're here all day, everyday , the dingings, the sound of the machine, they can get to you. Having a break to go decompress, reset, it helps you recenter yourself," says Aguilar.

It's a mental break to keep each other strong.

It's celebrating motherhood, no matter where Mom is on the journey.

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