Substitute Teacher Put Duct Tape on Students' Mouths: District

Officials of a Texas school district say a substitute teacher put duct tape over the mouths of 10 fifth-grade students.

The Killeen Daily Herald reports that the incident happened Thursday at Maxdale Elementary School in Killeen.

A news release from the Killeen Independent School District says three other students put duct tape over their own mouths as a result of the teacher's actions.

One student says the tape was on their mouths for at least 15 minutes.

All 13 students were taken to the school nurse for observation and treatment.

The release says the students were uninjured and returned to class.

"Everyone of them checked out. They're all fine, but it could've been a dangerous situation, no question," said Terry Abbott with the Killeen Independent School District. "And that's the type of thing that can make a child sick or cause other problems. It was just an outrageous thing to do, and it's not something at our school district that we would ever tolerate."

School officials removed the substitute teacher from the classroom and have banned her from campus.

They also have notified Child Protective Services and the parents of the students.

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