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Students Use Class to Grow Lawn Care Business

It all started with some empty time on their hands, their dad's old push mower and a desire to learn.

"It just took us looking on YouTube learning how to do this and how to do that," said Kory Burel, a student at Duncanville High School.

"We walked around our neighbor and knocked on doors. We got like 100 noes and 3 yeses. I think we made $110 that day," said Koby Burel, Kory's brother. 

The Burel brothers had something. Several of their neighbors were paying them some cash for lawn care.

The brothers story of starting a business really developed after they enrolled in Dedric Williams business classes at Duncanville High School. They learned software that helped them manage their business online.

"He had used it for their business. He had laid out if they were going to get employees and how much they would have to pay them. He had done this and that. He used the formulas to see if it would work out for him and his brother," Williams said.

They worked on marketing, figured out a way to better manage their expenses and started to hire staff. Soon, their business blossomed.

"We have riding lawn mowers, all commercial units, back pack blowers, everything. The whole nine yards," Koby said.

Hundreds of customers and a lot more than that first $110 they made, they’re now averaging $5,000 each month, with the help of their business teacher.

It’s a real-life lawn business, born out of skills learned in the classroom and an old push mower in their dad's garage.

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