Students at Lewisville ISD Raise Money to Help Janitor After Car Fire

The school's janitor is so well liked, students and parents joined together to help him cover expenses for a new set of wheels.

Students in Lewisville have learned some of the best lessons don't always come from a book. The car belonging to a school faculty member caught fire, prompting a lesson in community for some elementary school kids.

It takes a team to mold young minds both in the classroom and out. At Bluebonnet Elementary in Lewisville, Carlos Villanueva is a key player on their team.

Villanueva is not just keeping the halls clean as the schools custodian, but he’s keeping the kids grounded and teaching them to have heart.

One afternoon, after dismissal, Mr. Carlos, as the students call him, got a life lesson himself on his drive home from work.

"I heard a big boom and I didn't know where it was coming from and I saw white smoke coming out and I saw fire," Villanueva said.

His car caught fire, flames shot up in the air and Villanueva jumped out in the nick of time.

He and several of the students at the school watched his car burn beyond repair.

The students couldn't bear to think Villanueva didn't have a way to work so they got to work creating a fundraiser, Coins for Carlos.

The students collected as much money as they could: spare change, allowance money, donations from parents it all went in a pot.

All the students then gathered in the cafeteria to see the fruits of their labor and present a stunned Villanueva with a check.

They collected more money in one day than they thought they would all week.

Villanueva received a check for more than $3,700 to help him get out of a rental and back in a new car.

"Even after all this happened you still would not catch him without a smile on his face," said teacher Christina Hare.

Villanueva couldn't come up with words but did simply say he loved the community at Bluebonnet Elementary.

Villanueva and his insurance company are still discussing his coverage and how much he will have to pay.

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