Strong Winds Cause Damage in North Texas

Consistent 25 to 30 mile per hour winds with 40 mile per hour wind gusts played a role in some damage in North Texas Sunday.

Instead of providing protection from the weather, the shelter for gas pumps at the 7-Eleven at University and Malone in Denton ended up being a victim of the strong wind.  It fell over on its side around noon according to the store manager.  She said no one was using the gas pumps at the time and no one was injured.  
Wind apparently knocked a tree down in Fort Worth blocking most of a road.   Police had only one lane with which to direct cars heading east and west on Brentwood Stair Road shortly after 9:00 a.m. Sunday.  Within an hour a crew showed up to remove it. 
We did a double take when we saw what looked like people on top of AT&T Stadium.  On closer inspection with our camera zoom lens it was clear they were tethered to it.  Coincidentally we ran into a someone on the ground more than a little familiar with what’s going on up there.
“Well that’s kinda crazy, man.  I do iron work for a living and I wouldn’t want to be up there right now,” said Lee Keohi who lives in California but is in Arlington for work.  “The fact they’re tied off is a safety factor but a good gust of wind could blow you down and you could get hurt no matter what.  I wouldn’t be doing it.”
In Pantego, thin flag poles were almost no match for the 40 mile per hour wind gusts.  Power lines were blowing around quite a bit, too. 
Yvonne Clifton was having a harder time getting her bike pedals moving in Arlington’s River Legacy Park.  We found her as she was about to put in her final four miles.
“It seems like anytime there’s wind in your face when you’re going and wind in your face when you’re coming back,” said Clifton.  “It just switches around either way.  You always seem to be heading into the wind.”
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