North Texas

Storms Damage Boat Docks at Eagle Mountain Lake

A powerful storm that moved across the western parts of North Texas left behind damage along the shores of Eagle Mountain Lake.

Photos from viewer Doug Miller show one boat dock flipped over and a second that had roof damage.

The first was a floating dock that lifted up in the strong winds, flipped and landed on the neighbor's boat dock.

That homeowner said he and his wife could hear the wind whipping outside as they waited out the storm in their laundry room.

"I’m just gladder than hell it didn’t come through my house," the homeowner said. "It really is pretty thankful because if it did that, what would it have done if it had hit my house?"

A third photo also from Doug Miller showed some trees along the shoreline that appear to have been snapped in half.

Miller tells NBC 5 that the damage was close to the Harbor One Marina, which is on the south-east side of the lake along Boat Club Road.

NBC5's Alice Barr contributed to this report.

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