Stolen Hedgehog Returned, Home Safe and Sound

Ricky the hedgehog was stolen from his home Tuesday

A hedgehog in Lewisville is home safe and sound today after being stolen.

Ricky the hedgehog was home alone Tuesday when he was taken. His owner, NBC 5 viewer, Brittney Guerriero says Ricky was gone by the time she came home.

Guerriero’s neighbors told her that they saw two guys walking around the apartment complex around noon on Tuesday. They didn’t think much of it until they saw her Facebook post that Ricky was missing. [[368323551,C]]

Guerriero reached out to our Facebook page asking for help. Guerriero and her friends used #ComeHomeRicky2016 to help find the missing hedgehog. Our viewers helped spread the word and a few hours later there was a knock on her front door.

When she opened the door she saw Ricky in a plastic bag with a note.

Brittney Guerriero, NBC 5 Viewer
Ricky was returned Tuesday evening in a plastic bag with a note from the parents of the thief.

“Saw your post and ask son where he got his new hedgehog. After a while he admitted he stole it and pointed out your place. Sorry.”

The thief admitted to his parents that he stole Ricky after they became suspicious about where he got his new hedgehog.

Thankfully, after an eventful couple of hours, Ricky made it back home safe and sound.

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