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Starbucks Says Coupon for ‘People Of Color Only' Is Fake

There are fake Starbucks coupons that are circulating on social media. 

This comes after Starbucks recently announced it would close more than 8,000 stores to conduct racial-bias training.

The so-called promotion offers is a free beverage of any size, any variety, but it’s only "for people of color."

In light of the controversy involving Starbucks and racial-bias, some people thought the coupon was legitimate. 

But NBC DFW's Samantha Chatman found out it was fake. 

One coupon says -- “We’re sorry... We know we can do better. Starbucks values all people and we are working on employee sensitivity training.”

At the bottom it says one free beverage, and near the bar code, it says “people of color only.” 

There are other versions of the freebie popping up as well.

One promotion blames "Russian internet trolls" for the first coupon and goes on to say, “although this started as a hoax, after mountains of positive feedback on social media, we’ve decided to make it a reality… we will be providing all of our customers one free beverage of their choice in addition to 50 percent off all food items.” 

Another ad says, “the best dialogue starts over a cup of coffee and we’d like to buy you one.” 

We reached out to Starbucks and the company tells us the promotions are completely fake and in no way associated with Starbucks.

We asked the company what its workers were instructed to do if they were given one of these coupons, but we haven’t heard.

It’s unclear if Starbucks will offer any promotions in light of the recent incident, but, as noted, the coupons that are being shared are bogus. 

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