‘Special' Guitar Stolen from 74-Year-Old Musician, Triple Stroke Survivor

A heartbroken Duncanville man who is recovering from three strokes is hoping that someone will return his stolen 35-year-old guitar.

Late last week, someone stole a guitar from North Texas blues legend Bobby Patterson while he was visiting a home in Dallas. Patterson, 74, said someone broke into his trunk and made off with the special guitar.

“They took my ID, my driver’s license and all this stuff in the bag that I had,” Patterson said. “Nothing could compare to missing this guitar. It was my soul.”

This was more than just a guitar to Patterson. He felt that it was an extension of his soul.

“We’ve been to London together, Amsterdam — we’ve been to a lot of places, me and that guitar,” Patterson said. “I used to call her ‘Ruby.’ Me and Ruby been to a lot of places in the world.”

Patterson is a triple stroke survivor and the guitar was also a part of his rehabilitation.

“I’m one of the blessed people. I can still walk and still talk and I can play my guitar a little bit. Not like I used to, but I can still play,” Patterson said.

The guitar is described as a black with white faceplate with his initials “BP” in black.

“I wish you would return my soul to me, because that was my livelihood – my connection to the world. We’ve been around the world together,” Patterson said. “I miss it so much.”

He hopes that, at the very least, someone would bring the guitar to a pawn shop. He hopes someone would recognize it and contact him or Dallas police.

“I wish you would please do that for me. It would mean a lot for me,” Patterson said.

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