Bianca Castro

Special Glasses Help Visually Impaired College Students

AT&T is expanding the Back-To-School Program for Blind College students, a partnership with AT&T, Aira and the National Federation of the Blind. 

Heading off to college is both an exciting and intimidating time and it's even more difficult for students with no or low vision. 

According to program organizers, 53% of blind college students reach sophomore year, and less than half of blind students finish school because of the challenges of adjusting to campus life. 

That is why in 2017 AT&T, Aira and the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) gave Aira smart glasses to 100 students. 

It's now expanding to include 300 students.

The program ensures that students and teachers who are blind or low vision are able to receive free access to Aira's technology and services during the school year, giving them added confidence and enhanced efficiency to realize their academic goals.

The Aira platform uses smart glasses, AT&T connectivity and Aira's network of certified agents to help the blind navigate their surroundings. 

Devon West, a current UNT Student, will receive a pair. 

"Currently, it's a little difficult to get around because the campus is extremely large and there's a lot of sidewalks that wind into different spots and buildings that have back buildings and buildings within them," he says. "Honestly, I think Aira's really going to alleviate a lot of that."

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