Southlake Warns Residents About Fake Water Calls

Several Southlake residents are receiving phone calls regarding water conservation and water restrictions. However, the city of Southlake would like to inform the public that these calls are not coming from the city.  

Southlake representatives said residents have reported different stories about the callers, but it appears that they are not soliciting money.

The number that shows on caller ID is 903-686-9527 and is not a city number.

Southlake said they were informed about the bizarre calls by residents who called city hall asking if the calls were legitimate.

The city posted various tweets and Facebook posts on Friday to inform the public about the calls.

The city does not know the motive behind the callers and is unaware of what is being said.

Southlake said they have not discovered the person behind the calls, but they will continue investigate. 

Residents who have any questions concerning water conservation or current water restrictions can visit the city website.

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