Sorry Romo Haters, Tony Romo is not Losing His Job

Learn It. Live It. Know It: Tony Romo is the Cowboys starting QB and he will get his job back when he's healthy and Dak Prescott will be his backup. This is what the club has told us...many times.

I was impressed with the Cowboys come from behind win on the road against the 49ers. The club went on a 24-3 run after getting down 14-0 and rookie quarterback Dak Prescott was once again the picture of command, control and confidence.

Enjoy his time as the signal caller because it will come to an end when Romo is ready to play. 

An ESPN report says Romo is looking to return to the starting lineup from injury Oct. 30 against the Eagles. That game will be on NBC 5’s Sunday Night Football.

Jerry and Stephen Jones have said many times Romo is not losing his job to injury.

"Dak Prescott," former Cowboys QB who was once involved in a QB controversy, Troy Aikman, said during the Fox telecast of the Cowboys-49ers game, "throwing a little more fuel on the fire whether or not he's going to lose his job when (Tony) Romo comes back healthy.

So many fans on my Facebook page want Prescott to keep the job. The kid from Mississippi State is now 3-1 in his NFL career.  He’s yet to throw an interception in 131 attempts, which is a rookie record.  He was on the money with two touchdowns passes to tie the game at 14 before halftime at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday.  The fourth round draft pick completed 23-of-32 passes for 245 yards in the Cowboys’ 24-17 win.

Pro Football Focus posted this following the win over Niners, “Dallas QB Dak Prescott didn't attempt a pass of 20+ yards. 25 of 32 attempts were less than 10 yards, w/ 21 completions.”

Stephen Jones told me last week on NBC 5's Big Game Sunday that while they are ecstatic with play from Prescott, they feel like they can be an even better club with Romo in the starting lineup. 

This is not flawed thinking even if Yahoo Sports doesn't want to hear it.

Romo’s resume is pretty darn good. Some fans don’t think Romo “hasn’t won enough big games” but I always go back to the Hall of Fame Raiders head coach John Madden line of thinking, “Tell me when the little are.  They are no little games. They’re all big.”

When describing his quarterback situation, Jerry Jones said it’s a good problem to have.  Last year, Denver needed two quarterbacks to play on their way to winning Super Bowl 50.

Romo may get hurt when he returns to the lineup. He may struggle. He may thrive and take the club to the playoffs. The Cowboys understand all of this and they are willing to live with the outcomes. 

At least the Cowboys fans know the future of the club will one day belong to #4 Dak Prescott.

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