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Youthbuild Helps Young People Rebuild Their Lives and Their Community

YouthBuild is helping young people create a world where they are seen for their potential and power to transform, not only themselves, but their communities

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A nonprofit's mission to help North Texans who need the most support, like those disconnected from school or work or returning from jail or prison, is Something Good.

YouthBuild is doing some incredible work in Fort Worth. The international organization is helping young people get back on track by showing them how to create a world where they are seen for their potential and power to transform not only themselves, but their communities.

Starting Feb. 1, YouthBuild is providing an opportunity to learn how to build homes while also earning a GED.  

“There’s an ever-growing number of young people who are not getting the most basic education, a high school diploma, meaningful work, and their struggling with almost an unlimited list of barriers,” said Frank Kuykendall, YouthBuild Certified Mediator. “Many of my kids have been involved in the criminal justice system, many through gangs, many through drugs, drugs is a problem all on its own.”  

YouthBuild is taking applications for people between the ages if 16 to 24. Those in the program can earn a GED, construction training and permanent job placement all at once. There’s limited space available.

For more information on the YouthBuild program, and how you can qualify, visit Community Learning Center at

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