Local Mother-Daughter Duo Release Podcast Series

NBCUniversal, Inc.

What started off as a television show pitch has now turned into a mother-daughter project giving something good to those who watch.

Mahalia and Mallian (Mallie) Butler were shopping around their episodic sitcom in November 2017. Mallie was just 11 years old at the time.

“In the midst of shopping the show for a home in the L.A. market, COVID happened and halted our efforts, so we temporarily shelved the product,” Mahalia, Mallie’s mom, said. “September 2020, our team decided this product is too special to not share with the world, so we decided to bring it to market in the form of an Episodic Podcast Series, the first of its kind.”

Legitimately Mallie has now become a labor of love and something good for families to enjoy across multiple platforms like YouTube and podcast services.

“Our story stands as a reminder that sometimes we must be open to creating our own path forward as opposed to waiting for an opportunity to be presented to us. My daughter looked to me to bring to life something that seemed to be a nearly impossible task, but together, we made it a reality,” Mahalia said.

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