Godley ISD

Godley ISD Buries Trunk of Treasure

Time capsule contains items important to students in 2021

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The Godley ISD in Johnson County hopes future generations find something good when they look back at the year 2021. The district buried a time capsule on land where DoubleRock Homes is building a subdivision.

Every Godley ISD campus picked items that were important for students to preserve.

Elementary school (Compiled by the principal and homeroom teachers)

  • Mask with clown nose.
  • Binder of photos of the students completing various art projects (all wearing masks).
  • Proposals for renovations and other changes in the next 10 years.

Intermediate (Compiled by the principal and homeroom teachers)

  • Chain link of all students’ names and photos.
  • T-shirt and mask.
  • Branded AirPod case.

Grades 5-6 (Compiled by the principal and homeroom teachers)

  • Scrapbook of one page for each homeroom, including all students’ names in that homeroom class.

Middle (compiled by the principal and homeroom teachers)

  • Yearbook.
  • Each student received a notecard to write down how they feel about the memorable events of the past year.

High school (compiled by the students and their student council)

  • News stories highlighting current news and pop culture events from the past year (Dogecoin/Bitcoin, Facebook groups, Tik Tok dances).
  • Receipts from favorite restaurants, movie theaters, and Starbucks cup with the label of their favorite drink.
  • A couple of face masks and hand sanitizer.
  • Wooden toothbrush.
  • Yearbook.

The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in a decade. May 2031 will mark the 10-year anniversary of the current graduating class and the graduation of the current second graders.

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