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Fort Worth Nonprofit, ‘Chat N Chew,' Finds Home for Single Mother

Tawanna Harville didn’t hold back letting us know how grateful she is for the nonprofit organization that lifted her out of homelessness

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A single mother of two going from homelessness to her own apartment with the help of a Fort Worth nonprofit is Something Good.

“They showed up and they showed out,” said Tawanna Harville. “And all I had to do is move me and my son's clothes there.”

Harville didn’t hold back letting us know how grateful she is for nonprofit organization “Chat N Chew.” With the help of generous North Texans, she says Chat N Chew has changed her life. She struggled to hold back tears during our interview.

She was able to move into her new apartment with her son, who has autism, just in time for Thanksgiving. They were overwhelmed by all the support receiving everything from groceries to furniture.

“We furnished her entire apartment in 48 hours, it was unbelievable. We actually didn’t let her know how much support we were getting,” said Chat N Chew Marketing Coordinator Brandi McElhaney. "Basically, they just showed up with all the stuff and she was overwhelmed, she cried the whole afternoon just amazed by everyone’s generosity."

“I’m grateful and blessed because you don’t find too many that will help you and stand by your side like they did, like they have done, and still there,” Harville said.

Chat N Chew is operated solely by volunteers and supports single-parents who left an abusive relationship or are homeless because of hardships beyond their control. You can learn about the Fort Worth nonprofit on their website.

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