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Fort Worth Fifth Grader Pens Book About Virtual Learning

The story told in rhyme shares challenges and rewards of learning at home

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A Fort Worth fifth grader took her virtual learning experience during the pandemic and turned it into something good she hopes others will enjoy, too.

Nashiy Price wrote and published a book called Virtual Learning: My Experience with Virtual Learning. It was about her third-grade year when the pandemic moved her out of the classroom at the Leadership Academy at John T. White Elementary and into her home.

Her story reflects on the challenges and the rewards through rhyme.

"It is now time for lunch. My favorite part of the day. Sandwich, juice, and fruit all taste yummy from mommy's cafe," Nashy said as she read from her book.

The 10-year-old got her book published back in May and has even had a few book signings.

Her writing skills come from mom who is also an author along with plenty of encouragement.

The story they both want to share is of the joy of pursuing a passion.

"I got the book. It was so cute. I was looking through the pages. I was amazed. And I was literally so happy," Price said as she recalled the day she saw her book in print for the first time.

"Go for your dreams. Go for it. Be confident. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't be afraid to share your work with the world," Mianca Wright said as she encouraged others with aspirations.

Price's book Virtual Learning: My Experience With Learning During A Pandemic is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble, Target and Walmart.

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