Some Republicans Rallying Efforts to Stop Donald Trump

An effort is underway in Dallas to keep GOP leader Donald Trump from being the party's nominee for president.

Some high-level Republicans from the Dallas County Republican party are leading the effort.

“There is no way I can support Donald Trump for president,” said Republican Rudy Oeftering.

Oeftering is the 2016 Victory Chairman for the Dallas Republican party. He is working to swing votes away from Donald Trump and plans to bring that fight all the way to the Republican National Convention.

He has already been voted as a state delegate and is running to become a national delegate at the Republican State Convention.

“My goal is, and I will tell this to the delegates, is to do everything we can to stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination. I believe it would be a disaster for our party,” said Oeftering. “I am just baffled that somebody who has no experience in governing simply makes wild promises and for some reason people want to believe it.”

But Trump’s numbers show that his support is unwavering. He continues to lead the race and add to his state wins.

That is why Elizabeth Alvarez-Bingham, Dallas County Republican Vice Chair, said they must keep working to reach voters whose states have not yet held primaries.

“Everyone who wants a Republican nominee that represents the Republican party and its values needs to dedicate every moment of their time to making sure Ted Cruz gets every last delegate he can before now and the end of primary voting,” said Elizabeth Alvarez-Bingham.

The chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party said the two do not speak for the party, however, and the party will support whoever is nominated as the Republican candidate for president.

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