Some North Texans Still Without Power Six Days Post-Storm

Saturday evening, an ONCOR spokesperson said they hoped to have power restored to all of DFW late Saturday night

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Some residents in Mansfield are no longer counting the hours, but rather the days, without power.

Near Lonestar Ranch, Jonny Cantwell said his tally’s up to six.

"My wife and I have a 1 1/2-year-old son. We are expecting our second child, and so, as you can imagine, it's been quite the challenging week for us,” he said.

Cantwell said five of his neighbors were in the same boat, and all are desperate to know when they’ll have heat again.

"Between all of us, we have probably called texted and messaged Oncor probably over 1,000 times,” Cantwell said.

Over the last several days, it’s been a similar story in Benbrook’s West Park Estates.

Pamela Neyland said she and four of her neighbors have received nothing but recorded prompts from Oncor when they call.

"Just give us a truthful answer,” Neyland said.

Just hours after talking with NBC 5, and after six long days without power, it was restored when Oncor sent in a special piece of equipment to get to a hard-to-reach transformer that had been damaged.

"This has been the result of transformers having to quickly power back up massive amounts of energy after the controlled outages ended,” Oncor Director of Communications Connie Piloto said.

Piloto described it as a fuse that’s blown when too many devices are plugged into one outlet.

She said some of those fixes are requiring new equipment that must be brought in.

"It's not unexpected but it does slow our work, so we're doing everything we can as quickly and as safely as we can to power them back up,” Piloto said.

Cantwell said he knows it’s work being done in a historically difficult situation. But as a paying customer, he’s just asking for better communication.

"For us to not to even have an answer to when our power will be back on or even quite frankly to even communicate with a human being has just been really hard for us,” he said.

Saturday alone, Piloto said Oncor has answered about 5,000 calls and hundreds of social media inquiries.

Saturday night, there were around 4,000 outages still across North Texas as of 8 p.m., according to ONCOR.

For more on outages or restoration efforts in your area, check out ONCOR's outage map.

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