Some Arlington residents still without power following Friday's storm

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About 24 hours after the heavy winds and rainfall, hundreds in Arlington are still without power.

According to a post on the City of Arlington's X page, as of 6 p.m. Saturday, Oncor is down to 600 outages in the area.

“The lightning was incredible,” Candi Keeton said. Keeton said she was without power for nearly 18 hours. “My neighbor across the street, his house was 90 degrees, ours about 87. Which with the humidity was horrible.”

Michael Conroy said he was outside of his Arlington home when the storm rolled through.

"It poured down rain pretty good right here. You know, it lasted for 20, 30 minutes," Conroy said. "The wind was blowing pretty good, too. I was out here in my garage. I had to pull the door down because it was blowing rain into my garage."

The gusts of wind uprooted trees, toppled others, and snapped off tree limbs. In West Arlington, a large pine tree fell on a home, damaged part of the roof, and blocked the entrance of the home. At Lake Arlington Golf Course, large tree limbs were scattered throughout the landscape.

Keeton said she looked out the kitchen window during the storm.

“There's a transformer right behind us, and I can just see this big glow of orange,” Keeton said. “And then we could hear a transformer going off southwest of us to.”

Conroy noticed the same transformer located a few blocks from his home.

"I looked down toward the school down there," Conroy said. "And I heard a boom and then a bright light, a flash."

Conroy said he did see one crew.

“They had to get a troop, a tree crew out here to cut the trees away from the power lines,” Conroy said.

However, others said they were concerned about not receiving timely updates. According to Keeton, in the past, Oncor has provided customers with a report confirmation and approximate time for completion.

“This time they said we cannot give you a time. We'll have crews out assessing,” Keeton said. “That went on all night long, and you couldn't get a hold of anybody.”

It was until around 4 p.m. Saturday that Keeton and Conroy said they finally felt relief.

“It came back on just like that,” Keeton said.

Keeton said she hopes communication about repairs and restoration will improve.

"Maybe they work on the system a little bit," Keeton said about Oncor. "Because you can't get a live person, and you can't get a live person at your electric provider either on the weekend. There are people in their eighties that are still living in homes. And that's where the most concern is, you know.”

The City of Arlington said public libraries and recreation centers will also serve as a place to get relief from the heat during regular business hours. Residents may also contact the Action Center at 817-459-6777.

For library hours of operation and location information, click here.

For hours of operation and location information at Arlington recreation centers, click here.

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