Snake Found in Walmart Shopping Cart

You know they say you can buy almost anything from Walmart -- well this definitely was not on the shopping list.

The Northeast Police Department posted some photos from a Walmart in Cross Roads, Texas showing a fairly large snake hanging out in a shopping cart in the parking lot.

According to the post, an obviously unsuspecting employee let out a "loud scream across the parking lot" and that drew the attention of an NEPD officer who was patrolling the area.

The cart attendant was just doing their job collecting carts and was met by a rat snake inside one of them.

There's A Snake in My Cart

Luckily, "The Snake Charmer," also known in the area as John Heckaman of Savannah, Texas, was able to move the snake, and, get this, he was only bitten once in the process.

According to the post, recent heavy rains are forcing reptiles such as this rat snake to leave their natural habitats and find shelter elsewhere, like in your cart.

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