Dallas County District Attorney's Office

Sini Mathews' Bond Reduction Hearing Rescheduled

Mother's child endangerment trial will be rescheduled

A bond reduction hearing for Sini Mathews, the mother of a 3-year-old Richardson girl found dead in a culvert in October 2017, that was supposed to happen Friday morning is being rescheduled for Jan. 17.

NBC 5 has learned Mathews' attorneys have asked for more time to get witnesses and said many they've spoken with are reluctant to come forward out of fear over retaliation in the Indian community.

Mathews' bond is currently set at $250,000 for a charge of child abandonment/endangerment -- her attorney's want her bond dropped to $2,500. Mathews is accused of leaving her toddler daughter Sherin Mathews home alone while she, her husband Wesley and their 4-year-old daughter went to dinner the night before she was reported missing.

Mathews' trial on the charge was set to begin Monday but was postponed after new prosecutors in the Dallas County District Attorney's Office were assigned to the case.

A new trial date has not yet been set.

Mathews' defense team is also asking that her trial and that of her husband,  Wesley Mathews, be kept separate.

Wesley Mathews faces a capital murder charge in connection with his daughter's death. His trial is set for May.

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