“Shock ‘N' Clause” Movement Provides Christmas for Several North Texas Servers

North Texas diners are surprising restaurant servers with $1,000 plus tips as part of Shock 'N' Clause movement

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People in Ellis County are joining in on a viral way to spread Christmas cheer this year, surprising servers across their community with tips that could make all the difference this holiday season.

The “Shock ‘N' Clause” phenomenon has been making its way around social media, inspiring acts of kindness in nearly every state around the country.

Crystal Wells says she first heard about it when she read the story of a group of diners in Colorado pooling their money together to leave a waitress a huge tip in Colorado

“I got a little teary-eyed. I thought it was the greatest thing,” said Crystal Wells.

So Crystal shared it to her own Facebook in search of friends who would want to do the same in Midlothian.

By Sunday morning, she had a group of 13 people who made a plan to meet at Caroline’s Country Café.

The group didn’t decide which waiter or waitress they would bless. Instead, they simply took the first table they were assigned.

“The way I look at it, whoever God puts in our path to set that up and receive that message,” said Wells.

They ordered, ate and each presented a $100 bill when it came to pay.

Dee Chapman did as she’s done for 19 years as one of Caroline’s waitresses and walked their bills to the register to get change.

Her jaw dropped when she returned with a stack of cash she was told now belonged to her.

“The look on her face and the blessing was just indescribable,” said Brandy Hughes-Chenault.

In total, the group tipped Chapman $1,141. And though they didn’t choose Chapman for their gift, they all agree she was one of the most deserving of receiving it.

“It means a lot. It means I can shop and not have to worry about it and pay some bills and pay it forward. I have been paying it forward since that day,” said Dee Chapman.

For Wells, that is reason “Shock ‘N' Clause” continues to spread. It’s proof individual acts of kindness can snowball into something much greater.

“There’s really not a way to make a big impact that way with a $100 bill. But when we all get together, it’s a huge impact and can be a huge blessing or an answer to prayer or just something big,” said Wells.

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